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Savor the Central Coast 2011


The California Central Coast is a unique place. We have many varied micro-climates and have a wide variety of locally-grown foods and wines that are seen as among the best in the world.  We also have a yearly Food Expo put on by Sunset and some of the local foodies.

I went last year and had a really fine time…. I sampled foods from many different chefs……  Be sure to click the ‘Savor the Central Coast’ button to the left of the screen… that will take you to all of the blog postings I made on that trip.


Thomas Hill Organics

   As part of the ‘Savor the Central Coast’  Food and Wine Event, we were treated to a tour of the Thomas Hill Organics Farm, and then to a fine lunch at their Bistro and Wine Bar

     I love tasty food, and I want my food to be fresh, not processed.. organic and local is a nice touch also… such usually seem to taste better. Thomas Hill Organics covered the bases on all counts. They grow most of their own foods on their organic farm just outside of town, and they pick and deliver their produce daily. They also have a CSA that gives you a ‘basket’ of produce that changes according to the season.

   Here are some photos of our visit to Thomas Hill Organics Bistro in Paso Robles California.

Savor the Central Coast

  We went to the Savor the Central Coast Event today. It was awesome… almost 200 vineyards and tasting rooms, many restaurants and farms, all showing their wares, and passing out great samples.  The displays of the local area’s wealth of foods and drinks was stunning, and I kept being reminded how special the foods in this area are. We have a wide variety of micro-climates that can allow almost any vegetable or fruit to be grown.

   I will compile the photos I have and place them into blog posts later… but for now I wanted to put up some pics so you can see what’s happening this weekend on the Central Coast.