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canning or pickling cactus leaves (nopales)

A question from a reader… no answer for them. Anyone able to send us a canning and pickling recipe for nopales?
BTW, we also get requests for making jely from the fruit.

Hello –
Do you have a recipe for canning or pickling nopalitos for long-term storage?
I’m interested in a recipe that doesn’t require refrigeration.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  • this web sight is for the birds.it gave me nothing i ask for

  • no i do not that why i was looking it up i have almost 50 lb of cactus i need a canning problem

  • Kat Palma

    Ok, so some of this depends on taste, but here’s my recipe:
    2# or more pads, cleaned and cut into strips. You can grill these with some salt and pepper instead of boiling for some smoky flavor.
    Boil pads in clean water. If desired, add cilantro, choppeD onion, 2 garlic cloves.
    Pack nopales and fill hot jars with liquid, leaving 1″ head space. If desired, 1 tsp canning salt per at. Or 1/2 tsp pt.
    Pressure can at 10#, 20 min. A for pts. 25 min. for qts.

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